Every prospective tenant looks good on paper, but many times, that piece of paper is where it ends. Property managers can use our extensive menu of background-screening reports to spot a potential problem before it’s too late. By choosing Tenant PI, you are equipping your property with the most powerful tenant-screening tool in the industry. Our proprietary database of 2.3 million tenants gives you the power to stabilize your revenue, control your costs, limit your liability and, ultimately, control your success.


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Tenant PI is proud to partner with The Work Number, which gives our clients unparalleled access to data from more than 2,500 organizations nationwide and to more than 55 million employment records. Using The Work Number is one more way Tenant PI reduces the amount of time required for your human resources staff to respond to employment verification requests and can potentially save you money. Since a tenant’s rent is determined by their annual income, Housing Authorities can accurately determine rent during the application or re-exam phase with the most accurate and up-to-date employment and income data from The Work Number. We UIV, or Upfront Income Verification. This shows you a potential tenant’s income before you house them, potentially saving you money.
Tenant PI’s proprietary database gives you instant references on both prospective and current tenants. The Landlord History Report features useful information on more than 2.3-million tenants across the country and can help you uncover information unavailable with other tenant-screening providers. Tenant PI will save you valuable time and money by giving you the power to make an informed decision on every tenant that applies for housing. The Tenant PI database has enabled several of our customers to collect on thousands of dollars of debt through our Debtor Activity Alert/Move-Out Locator.
With Tenant PI’s database you can verify past rental history of applicants helping you limit the risk of housing undesirable tenants. Utilizing Tenant PI’s database eliminates the unnecessary need to run credit and criminal reports, cutting screening cost and saving your staff time. The best part about this valuable resource is you have unlimited access at no additional charge.
With the ability to verify past rental history, previous addresses and eviction history you can identify problem tenants immediately saving you money and the hassle associated with a difficulty tenant. Verifying previous addresses and past payment history will allow you to avoid an undesirable tenant – limiting liability and saving you time and money.
 The combination of our unique Landlord History data with the nationwide criminal background checks and standard credit report gives you great insight into the background and rental history of a tenant. Fact is, Tenant PI will save you valuable time and money by giving you the power to make an informed decision on every tenant that applies for housing.
 Tenant PI’s nationwide criminal background report includes a search of criminal records, aliases, address histories, Social Security Trace and Validation, Office of Foreign Asset Control, and the National Sex Offender Database – all for one low price. Running a Social Security Trace and Validation report insures that the number has not been reported on the Death Matrix. OFAC checks the suspected and known terrorist database. Tenant PI’s National Sex Offender Search includes current and historical sex offender registration records from all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico.
 Running credit checks on potential or current tenants is about more than simply checking in on their buying and repayment habits. Verify a tenant’s real income by comparing their reported income with monthly payments and expenses listed on the credit report. If an applicant reports zero income, you should run a credit report. With the number of identity theft incidents are on the rise, running credit reports can help you uncover the truth by comparing the addresses listed on the credit report with the addresses the applicant submitted on their application. For additional information regarding the value of credit reports to housing authorities, read and download our case study involving the Plano (Texas) Housing Authority. 
 Tenant PI’s proprietary database houses information on almost three million tenants, giving you instant access to a potential tenant’s complete rental history. With this report, you can search previous addresses, as well as past payment and eviction history. If you have a tenant leave unexpectedly, this report enables you to enter outstanding balances into the database; when that tenant applies for housing in a new location, the system will alert you. This report is an effective way to safeguard you from losing potential income and help you collect on outstanding debts.

County criminal reports are retrieved through a network of court researchers. This report may include felonies and misdemeanors dating back seven years as well as:

  • degree of the offense
  • case information including numbers, filing dates, defendants, trial dates
  • disposition and sentencing information

Federal searches will help capture major crimes including embezzlement, kidnapping, drug trafficking and others that would not show up on the national, state or county level.

Tenant PI’s Nationwide Eviction report searches all 50 states to determine if evictions exist on an applicant’s record. This detailed report provides you the following information at one low cost:

  • full name
  • applicant’s date of birth
  • address of eviction
  • file number and date
  • plaintiff, judgement and comments associated with the case

The PI Company’s PIC Assurance includes three additional tools – PIC Check, PIC   Upload, and PIC Alert – to eliminate     time-consuming steps in processing tenant information while helping our customers easily identify and resolve potential PIC   errors. Each month, PIC Assurance will  provide a comprehensive report in total PIC 50058 submissions for current and previous months; current submission rates, errors in files, and late inspection reports, among others. PIC Assurance helps you maintain high submission rates without sacrificing staff time.