Non-profit organizations and churches who work frequently with volunteers face larger problems than recruiting qualified people to fill these volunteer roles. They are increasingly finding volunteers who may have a questionable background.

Why take a chance on potentially compromising your volunteers’ safety? Comprehensive Volunteer Screening through The PI Company will:

  • Ensure the safety of vulnerable populations like children and the elderly
  • Protect your non–profit organizations/church from claims of negligence
  • Help prevent damaging public relations nightmares

The potential harm your organization may face by not performing background screens on volunteers goes far beyond simple monetary terms. If a volunteer harms another person while representing your organization in any capacity, it can have lasting and catastrophic effects to the overall health of your cause. The damage to your organization may be irreparable.

Don’t put your organization at risk – call The PI Company at 1.800.260.0079 for a custom quote on Volunteer Screening today.